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I was not at CES this year, but these are my favorites from the show.

The Popbox from Popcorn Hour. Currently using an WDTV, but this may replace it. Plays every video format, and netflix streaming.

Samsung small DSLR camera. Just needs to have cat “laser eye” feature.

Lenovo Tablet that docks to a keyboard. It may be too late for Apple to come out with a tablet.


Blackberry Curve 8900 – Day 1

Day 1 of using the new BB curve 8900, and so far very cool. I just wish they did not change the usb port on it. It is not like it is any smaller, or more durable. It actually looks like it might be easier to break.

The only other real issue, is finding things that work for the 8900. It is still so new, that a few programs don’t work with it.


HD Media Player

I wanted to get a device to play media to my TV. I currently use my PS3 to do this, but I wanted to get something for the other TV.

I checked out the Apple TV, but it is really limited on playback formats. Another PS3 would be too expensive, same with a Xbox 360.

This WD box looks like it could be the just what I need. Just a little over $100, and it seems to play most video types.



I need a Curve 8900 Now

The countdown to a new Blackberry started this week. We will be getting some of the new Curve 8900s, for “testing”. It looks like this phone should be a huge upgrade over the 8320.  The only real flaw is the lack of 3G. Probably not a big deal, beacause T-mobile it just getting started with a 3G network.

The first thing I want to try with the phone is restarting it. The current curve takes forever to reboot.

Here is the Cnet Review

It is a really good time for me to get this phone. My current curve, stopped working with our email servers. It took a few hours to fix, but I lost everything on it. It also does not want to work with my yahoo account anymore.


Tassimo Coffee maker – Review by a non-coffee drinker

We recently bought a Tassimo single serve coffee maker at work. I was tired of the old coffee maker, because nobody would clean it. It was kind of like that episode of The Office, when nobody would clean the microwave. We almost got to the passive aggressive note stage.

We ended up getting the basic Bosch Tassimo, without the water filter. The extra $40 for the version with thes water filter, seems a little ridiculous. I don’t drink coffee, but it does make hot chocolate.

Pros –

Very little mess with the t-disks. Only the milk disks seem to leave a little residue.

Large variety of drinks it can make. Coffee, Tea, Latte, Cappuccino, and Hot Chocolate.

The Hot Chocolate is really good. It much richer than I used, so I usually water it down.

Cons –

Does not make a large cup of coffee. It seems to only half fill most “normal” sized coffee mugs.

The system is automated, but you end up watching it make the coffee