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Scanning in old photos

For the past few months I have been working on scanning in all of my old photos. I bought a HP scanjet G4010 scanner for the this project. It only took me about about 30 hours of research before purchasing it. I tend to overdo research for anything I buy. All of my research showed me that it probably did not matter what I bought.

So far it has done a really good job with the photos, but it can be a little slow. I can’t really blame the scanner, it is looks like any scanner would be about the same speed. I tried a $3000 epson scanner, and it was not any faster. After scanning about 300 photos, I feel like have all of the settings mastered. I was just able to scan in some really dark photos, and make them look pretty good. I will post some before and after shots.

My goal is to finish scanning in the last two boxes of photos in the next few of months. I would say that is a conservative estimate. After this is done, I never want to see a film camera again.