Monthly Archives: January 2009

Intervention – A few of my favorite clips Available On Youtube

I really enjoy Intervention on A&E. It seems to teach me something new every week.

Here are some of the my favorite episodes

Christy – Please put some clothes on.

Allison– I will never be able to use canned air ever again, after watching this episode

Ben – This epsiode taught me not to eat “mushrooms” off the ground(go to 4:35)


Tassimo Coffee maker – Review by a non-coffee drinker

We recently bought a Tassimo single serve coffee maker at work. I was tired of the old coffee maker, because nobody would clean it. It was kind of like that episode of The Office, when nobody would clean the microwave. We almost got to the passive aggressive note stage.

We ended up getting the basic Bosch Tassimo, without the water filter. The extra $40 for the version with thes water filter, seems a little ridiculous. I don’t drink coffee, but it does make hot chocolate.

Pros –

Very little mess with the t-disks. Only the milk disks seem to leave a little residue.

Large variety of drinks it can make. Coffee, Tea, Latte, Cappuccino, and Hot Chocolate.

The Hot Chocolate is really good. It much richer than I used, so I usually water it down.

Cons –

Does not make a large cup of coffee. It seems to only half fill most “normal” sized coffee mugs.

The system is automated, but you end up watching it make the coffee



IT Crowd Season 3 Eps 5, WTF is that thing

If you saw the IT crowd episode about FriendFace, you probably were wondering WTF was Roy playing with on the couch.

I had no clue. It looked like some kind of giant MP3 player, with dual screen visualization.

So I spent some time searching, and it turns out to be a Tenori-ON music sequencer. I was a little bummed that is was not a giant mp3 player.

They charge $999 for it, so it really is more of a toy for people that have too much money.

Here are some videos of it in action.