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IT Crowd Season 3 Eps 5, WTF is that thing

If you saw the IT crowd episode about FriendFace, you probably were wondering WTF was Roy playing with on the couch.

I had no clue. It looked like some kind of giant MP3 player, with dual screen visualization.

So I spent some time searching, and it turns out to be a Tenori-ON music sequencer. I was a little bummed that is was not a giant mp3 player.

They charge $999 for it, so it really is more of a toy for people that have too much money.

Here are some videos of it in action.


Windows 7 – Day 7 – Movie Maker Beta WTF

I found out that windows 7 does not come with all of the programs you would expect. I wanted to post a video to my Facebook account, but it needed a little editing. It just needed to be trimmed a little, should not be a problem for Movie Maker. I look in the start menu, and it is not there. After a short web search, I find that it is only available as a download from live.com.

So I install the Movie Maker beta, anticipating an improved program. I am actually shocked when I first open MM, it does not look like an editing program. It takes a bit, but I figure out how to trim/crop my video . The controls are so imprecise, that I could not get the trim points right. They were about 20 seconds from the spot I needed.  I was able to get my video posted, but this is the last time using MM.