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I was not at CES this year, but these are my favorites from the show.

The Popbox from Popcorn Hour. Currently using an WDTV, but this may replace it. Plays every video format, and netflix streaming.

Samsung small DSLR camera. Just needs to have cat “laser eye” feature.

Lenovo Tablet that docks to a keyboard. It may be too late for Apple to come out with a tablet.


25 Random Things About me – Part 1 of 5

I need to come up with 25 random things about me, for my Facebook account.

1) I don’t drink coffee. I will drink a Hot Chocolate to fit in

2) if I can make a meal a sandwich, I will.

3) I have five cats with my wife. Ivor, Itchy, Scratchy, Mary, and Helena. We are like the Brady Bunch, but with cats. She had three, and I had two.

4) I could be a travel planner for Las Vegas trips. Go ahead and ask me

5) I don’t eat anything on the bone.  It is a combinations of being grossed out, and Lazy. It is a lot of work to get the chicken of the bone.