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25 Random Things About me – Part 4 of 5

16) I am probably connected to the internet for over 14 hours a day. Sometimes more if I fall asleep on my laptop.

17) For some odd reason, I have way too many pens. I really only use extra fine tipped ones.

18) over ten years working at a High School, and I still don’t know the bell schedule. I only know when the first and last bell ring.

19) I refuse to buy digital media. I will be sticking with DVDs, and CDs.

20) I tend to have a “copious” amount of notes.


25 Random Things About me – Part 3 of 5

11) I am left Handed.

12) Love playing video games, but they tend to not be violent enough for me.

13) Did a lot of collecting when I was younger. Now I have tons of crap I would like to get rid of. I think they used my old bedroom as a set for the 40 Year Old Virgin movie.

14) I have the ability to recognize D-level actors in commercials and TV shows.

15) I now find it difficult to not be sarcastic. This can be a problem when I am talking to somebody that does not get sarcasm.


25 Random Things About me – Part 2 of 5

6) I may be an emotional robot, but I have a secret soft spot for squirrels. Crap the secret is out.

7) I never missed a day of school from kindergarten through High School. I may have missed a few days of College

8) I don’t like Mushrooms. Keep those spores off my food.

9) I can’t watch an episode of Intervention, without trying to guess what caused the addiction.

10) Circus Peanuts are one of my top five favorite candies. Yeah, I said Circus Peanuts.


25 Random Things About me – Part 1 of 5

I need to come up with 25 random things about me, for my Facebook account.

1) I don’t drink coffee. I will drink a Hot Chocolate to fit in

2) if I can make a meal a sandwich, I will.

3) I have five cats with my wife. Ivor, Itchy, Scratchy, Mary, and Helena. We are like the Brady Bunch, but with cats. She had three, and I had two.

4) I could be a travel planner for Las Vegas trips. Go ahead and ask me

5) I don’t eat anything on the bone.  It is a combinations of being grossed out, and Lazy. It is a lot of work to get the chicken of the bone.