Monthly Archives: February 2009

Blackberry Curve 8900 – Day 1

Day 1 of using the new BB curve 8900, and so far very cool. I just wish they did not change the usb port on it. It is not like it is any smaller, or more durable. It actually looks like it might be easier to break.

The only other real issue, is finding things that work for the 8900. It is still so new, that a few programs don’t work with it.


Windows Live Movie Maker Beta Still Sucking

I wanted to trim down a video tonight, so I could post it to the web. The video was over an hour long, and I only need about 10 minutes of it. I am still using my Windows 7 Laptop, and it already had the beta version of Movie Maker. It is probably time for me find another basic editing program.

The trim function only works clicking on a slider and moving it. The control is very imprecise. I think I could get no closer than 14 seconds to any clip point. Back in college we used editing decks that would sometimes slip a few frames when making an edit. That would be less than a second, and that could ruin your project. 14 seconds is ridiculous.