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Movie FAIL! – The Wrestler

Today, we decided to go see the Wrestler. I had the day off because of the subzero temperatures. When we got into the lobby, I noticed it was really cold. I even made a comment about how it has to suck for the girl taking tickets.

Then about an hour into the movie, the fire alarms go off. Everybody is a little confused on what to do, until they turn on the lights and stop the movie. We all stream out to the hallway, where a couple of employees are frantically running around. They keep yelling something, but it is hard to hear with the alarms. Almost everybody is still in the building, because it is so cold outside. The employees finally start making it clear that everybody needs to leave the building. I think we were all hoping that is was a false alarm. As we were getting rushed out of the building the employees were yelling that we would all get refunds. As we walked past the front entrance it was clear that some pipes must have burst. There was a crazy amount of water shooting from the ceiling. It was coming out of the building and freezing on the sidewalk. At this point is was really clear that we would not be getting any refunds from the box office today.

The worst part of the day, is what to do about seeing the movie. We were half way through it. I guess we will just have to wait to Netflix it.

Theater FAIL!