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Windows Live Movie Maker Beta Still Sucking

I wanted to trim down a video tonight, so I could post it to the web. The video was over an hour long, and I only need about 10 minutes of it. I am still using my Windows 7 Laptop, and it already had the beta version of Movie Maker. It is probably time for me find another basic editing program.

The trim function only works clicking on a slider and moving it. The control is very imprecise. I think I could get no closer than 14 seconds to any clip point. Back in college we used editing decks that would sometimes slip a few frames when making an edit. That would be less than a second, and that could ruin your project. 14 seconds is ridiculous.


Windows 7 – Day 7 – Movie Maker Beta WTF

I found out that windows 7 does not come with all of the programs you would expect. I wanted to post a video to my Facebook account, but it needed a little editing. It just needed to be trimmed a little, should not be a problem for Movie Maker. I look in the start menu, and it is not there. After a short web search, I find that it is only available as a download from

So I install the Movie Maker beta, anticipating an improved program. I am actually shocked when I first open MM, it does not look like an editing program. It takes a bit, but I figure out how to trim/crop my video . The controls are so imprecise, that I could not get the trim points right. They were about 20 seconds from the spot I needed.  I was able to get my video posted, but this is the last time using MM.


Windows 7 – Day 6

I have been using my windows 7 laptop only for the last 6 days.

Win 7 pros –

  • very stable
  • Fast booting, shutting down.
  • seems to run better than vista on the same laptop

Win7 Cons –

  • some graphics issues, with screen redraws. It could just be an issue with this laptop(dell D630, Nvidia quadro NVS 135M)
  • Issues with apps that minimize to the system tray. It takes an extra step to get to them.

Windows 7 – Day1

I set up Windows 7 on a newer high end Dell laptop(latitude D630) today. The plan is to use it for my everyday laptop. I want to see how long I can use the laptop without have to go back to my old one. Day one has been all about installing everything I need. This included firefox, flash, acrobat, filezilla, tweetdeck, and office. The only issue I had was with tweetdeck. I am not sure why, but the adobe air was having trouble installing. It looked like the computer was trying to install adobe air, even though it was already installed.

Day 1 has been almost all positive. I would say it is a huge improvement over vista. over the next few days, I want to make sure to try all of the new features.